wfa-media.com* offers consultancy services related to app development for Android and iPhone devices. This includes designing and developing apps and associated cloud services.

wfa-media also develops its own apps where revenue is based on sales of access or various services within the app (“in-app purchase”).

wfa-media also own the domain www.myrecipescollection.com which hosts the server part of the AllMyRecipes app.

Several technologies and tools are used for development where the most important are:

  • Google Android, Java & AndroidStudio
  • IOS XCode
  • Javascript
  • React Native
  • WebStorm
  • MySQL, PHP and Java on the server
  • several support technologies and tools.

If you, or your company, consider developing an app or just wanting advice on app development, feel free to contact wfa-media.com.




wha-media is registered in Norway as “Farstad App Consulting” with organization number 917752788.