AllMyRecipes Privacy Policy


This document provides a brief description of the synchronization service related to the AllMyRecipes app. The service’s privacy policy is also reviewed.

About the synchronization service

In this context the term “synchronization service” includes the “Sign-in” function in the AllMyRecipes app and accompanying server function. Use of the service means that your recipe data are copied to’s server so that these can be accessed from multiple devices.

  • Using the synchronization service you can read and maintain your recipes and categories from all your devices. This includes phones, tablets and PC / browser. Data are automatically kept in sync across devices. This also means that you have a backup of your recipes.
  • You get access to the service by registering from AllMyRecipes app using your Google Account.
  • If you eg. have signed up from your phone or tablet, and then install the app on another device, you can log in with the same Google Account and get access to all your recipes on your new device. The information will then be kept in sync so you see the same information on all devices.
  • You also have access to your recipes from your PC / browser. You log in from
  • Photos that you take using the app are stored in your Google Drive space (see for more info.). This means that only you have access to images since you must be logged in with your Google account to see these. Links to images are however stored in database.
  • In addition all recipes and categories will also be copied to’s database. This includes links to photos that you take using the app. The links will point to the photos that are copied to your Google Drive area. In addition photo thumbnails (miniature images) are saved on the server. This allows data to be accessible from all your devices.

Privacy policy

Your privacy is important and are taken care of. The app and the synchronization service does not store more information than absolutely necessary for the service to work optimally.

  • When you log in using your Google account your name and email address are stored in’s database. This is to allow synchronization between devices to work optimally. No other person/privacy related information is stored. Using your Google Account means that you do not need to create a new username and / or password. This also means that will not keep, or in any way have access to your Google password.
  • After logging in, photos that you have taken and/or eventually takes from the app, will automatically be copied to your Google Drive space that is linked to your Google Account. These photos are stored in a separate folder. This means that you have control over your images. If you delete photos from Google Drive they will no longer be available from devices other than where the photos were originally taken.
  • New data stored in the app, changes and any deletion of data will then automatically be synced to the server.
  • The e-mail address will only be used in cases where it is necessary to provide feedback to you as a user. Your name is only used in the app and when you log into your recipes webpages on
  • You can, at any time, delete all your data on the server. This includes user info, recipes and categories. This is done via a separate option in the app. Photos will not be deleted from your Google Drive area.
  • Since this is a free app and service the service’s availability is not guaranteed. Also, there is no warranty with respect to loss of data or how long this service will be available.
  • The AllMyRecipes synchronization may be terminated without notice. If possible, you will be notified in advance.
  • Although the AllMyRecipes synchronization service is unavailable the app will keep function as before (except that data is not kept in sync between devices).
  • Private data such as name and email address, will not be redistributed, sold or used in any way other than described above.
  • All exchange of data takes place over encrypted connections using SSL.
  • The content of this Privacy Policy may change. If the changes are significant, you will be notified (eg. via email).