Your recipe organizer and menu planner

The AllMyRecipes app is part of an ongoing project which goal is to create a simple, elegant and functional recipe organizer and week/menuplanner for Android phones and tablets.

With this app you can store and organize recipes that you find on the Internet, magazines, books, brochures etc.

Use the integrated browser or the device browser to share the recipe’s web page with this app to store the link, name and image in a recipe category. You can specify course type, occasion, season, notes, comments etc. for each recipe. Use the camera to take photos of recipes from magazines, books, brochures etc. and put them in categories as well. In this way you can have all your favorite recipes in one place.

Use the recipes to create week plans and (week) menus. Share the menus with anyone as a public web page. Customize menus with background, font size, recipe image etc. so that it looks nice before sharing. The menus may even be printed to paper on selected paper size.

If you choose to log in you can read and maintain your recipes and categories from all your devices. Data are kept in sync across devices. This also means that you have a backup of all your recipes.

In addition you can give other app users access to one or several categories so that you can share and maintain the same recipes. An example is to create a category, eg. Family recipes, that is shared with family members.

Web Access

You have access to all your categories and recipes from your laptop or pc by logging in with the same Google account  used in the app.

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